Book Review: The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year by Sue Townsend

What’s it about?

The day her twins leave home, Eva climbs into bed and stays there. For seventeen years she’s wanted to yell at the world, ‘Stop! I want to get off’. Finally, this is her chance.

Her husband Brian, an astronomer having an unsatisfactory affair, is upset. Who will cook his dinner? Eva, he complains, is attention seeking. But word of Eva’s defiance spreads.

Legions of fans, believing she is protesting, gather in the street. While Alexander the white van man brings tea, toast and sympathy. And from this odd but comforting place Eva begins to see both herself and the world very, very differently. . .

My thoughts

This was our book club choice for October and was picked as it was billed as a laugh out loud book and having just battled with most of Anna Karenina we needed a laugh! I was a fan of Adrian Mole as a teenager and I did chuckle a couple of times with this one, firstly when I found out her name was Eva Beaver and the ‘who will remove my waste’ dilemma was worth a smirk.

For the most part it’s a light-hearted read however at some points the whole bed thing did get a bit tedious and I just wanted to shake her and tell her to get a grip.

Eva’s husband Brian is a selfish idiot – no wonder Eva felt the way she did and didn’t care about Titania. You do have to wonder how she never picked up on what was going on in the shed…or maybe she did and wasn’t bothered! Infact, there are a lot of selfish characters in this book, including the twins and Poppy. It does make you think “if I did something like this, would anyone look after me?”. The Twins got their comeuppance at the end, as for Poppy I’d imagine she’d carry on her whole life using people and lying to them.

I didn’t like the ending – I felt that all the way through Eva was adamant that she wasn’t ill or having a breakdown yet at the end it was just that! I hope that it was intended that Eva and Alexander go off and start a new life together – that’s what I wanted anyhow 🙂

Overall, it was ok and I could put it down quite easily. Read if you’re a fan of Sue Townsend or need an easy read over Christmas!

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