Book Review: Kept by Elle Field

KeptWhat’s it about?

Life hasn’t quite worked out how Arielle Lockley imagined it would. Becoming the next Coco Chanel was always her childhood dream, but she’s spent the past four years living a dizzying whirl of glitzy parties, luxurious holidays and daily shopping sprees – all paid for by boyfriend Piers – and not doing anything to make her Coco dreams happen.

When the recession hits, it’s not just the economy that takes a tumble and Arielle finds herself living back with her parents, on bad terms with Piers, and having a CV that’s as welcome as a pair of knock-off Jimmy Choos. And maybe it’s the location, but she’s also finding unwelcome thoughts of her childhood sweetheart are popping into her head…

What’s a girl to do? Can Arielle figure out what it is she now wants to do with her life and move on, or will she be doomed to spend the rest of her life dwelling over her worst mistakes, stuck listening to her parents’ embarrassing dinner table talk each night?

My thoughts

Kept is a very current, chick lit debut novel by Elle Field. It’s the story of Arielle and in a nutshell her journey of growing up and self discovery.

Arielle tells us her story in a series of flashbacks mixed in with details of her current predicaments. Her biggest problem being how her past has defined her future until she decides to do something about it! That, you’ll need to read for yourself.

Although I didn’t particularly like Arielle, there are lots of other supporting characters that I really liked; particularly Obelisk. He was by far, my favourite character and reminded me of a lost friendship I had and recently rekindled just like it was old times!

I thought I’d really enjoy this and I don’t know whether it was just timing (busy and tired) but I found it really hard to get into. I found it really hard to engage with the characters – particularly Arielle, I just felt she was so spoilt and she really annoyed me but I stuck with it. It wasn’t about till half way through when I actually started to feel like I was getting somewhere.

I actually think the problem for me was that the book was too young for me and that’s why I couldn’t get interested. This is in no way detrimental to the author and how it’s written, I just don’t think I’m the target age group (late thirties). I’d think you’d enjoy this if you’re late teens to late twenties.

Overall maybe a little too fluffy chick lit for me but a fun girly read all the same.

Many thanks to the author, Elle Field, for sending me a copy to review.

Available from Amazon Kept

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