Book Review: Hallways in the Night by RC O’Leary

Hallways in the NightWhat’s it about?

It’s the middle of the night and the parking lots outside Wilson Field are empty when a confrontation between an Atlanta cop and baseball’s home run king turns deadly. Is it a case of murder or is it self-defense?

It should be a simple question based upon the facts of the case. But when money, politics and power are involved, the pursuit of justice can sometimes have very little do with the truth.

My thoughts

Firstly many thanks to the author RC O’Leary for sending me a review copy in exchange for a review, which I was only too happy to do as legal and courtroom dramas are my fave genre!

In a random encounter the protagonists Det Dave Mackno and Remo Centrella (who has David Beckham popularity status) find themselves in a deadly confrontation that doesn’t end well. Investigations follow, as do the cover ups, corruption and deals and then one of them finds themselves indicted.

Once we’re into the trial, I found myself torn between both sides – the defence and prosecution and was constantly forced to ask myself did he overreact and do the right thing? Evidently there were lapses in judgment on both parts but this forces the reader to think..well what would I have done in that situation? And the truth is, I don’t know. I’d certainly be out to save myself but at what cost!

From the first few chapters I was really into this story and it sustained my interest throughout. The plot is well paced, taking you through the back story, the ‘crime’, the trial and then what happens next at a good pace. If you don’t like court room dramas that hones in on the finer details and arguments etc then this one isn’t for you. I actually enjoy all the drama and the arguments – it plays out in my head like The Good Wife or Law and Order; both of which I love.

As one of the main characters is a baseball player, as you’d imagine there a lot of baseball references, a lot of which didn’t mean anything to me as I’ve never watched a baseball game in my life but it didn’t hamper my reading or understanding. It made a change to read about something that I know nothing about.

This isn’t just a court room drama, there are strong racial and legal issues intertwined but also highlights the use of performance drugs in professional sports, and whether this will ever be acceptable.

I loved the twist at the end involving one of the secondary characters. I thought it might have come earlier in the book but when it hadn’t towards the end I thought I was wrong but the way in which it was done was really appropriate but intense!

Overall a pretty good debut novel which has been well thought out and executed and I’m looking forward to the sequel. If you’re a fan of legal thrillers like John Grisham then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this.

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