My month in books – August

I bought The Lemon Grove because of all the hype I’d seen about it on Twitter, it was very much a case of well everyone loves it, it must be good. Well, I was somewhat disappointed. You look at the cover and think this is a perfect summer read, but for me certain aspects, well ok, most of it let me down. Since I’ve read it I’ve been checking out other people’s reviews and there’s a lot of very mixed reviews and opinions out there. If I don’t love a book that everyone else does, I do tend to think it’s me and that’s fine. We don’t all love the same stuff.

I try really hard to avoid any reviews or comments of books that I have on my TBR pile especially if I’m going to be reading them soon, I want to go into the book with a clean slate, so to speak. But whilst scrolling through your Twitter timeline or Facebook statuses you can’t help but see comments of popular current books, so although I don’t actually seek out reviews prior to reading I do find social media can hinder your experience of reading a book.

Do you find that your view or opinion is possibly already tainted from what you’ve read beforehand? Has social media spoiled a book for you before you’ve read it?

Let me know…. 🙂

Books read: 7

The Lemon GroveFall from GraceThe Poppy FactoryThe Old Man and the SeaStrange Girls and Ordinary Women





Station ElevenNo Time for Goodbye





Books added to the TBR:

The Way You Look TonightThe Extra ordinary life of Frank DerrickSummer of the Dead

Currently reading: Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

Favourite book for August: Surprisingly Station Eleven by Emily Mandel. Very different to anything I’d read before.

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