Book Review: The Prophecy of Bees by R.S Pateman

The Prophecy of BeesWhat’s it about?BBC 2014

Moving to Stagcote Manor was meant to be a fresh start for Lindy and her teenage daughter Izzy. A chance at a new life in the country after things went so wrong in London. But for Izzy it is a prison sentence.

There’s something about the house that she can’t quite put her finger on. Something strange and unnerving. As Izzy begins to explore the manor and the village beyond its walls, she discovers the locals have a lot of bizarre superstitions and beliefs. Many of them related to the manor . . . and those who live there.

When Izzy begins to investigate the history of the estate, her unease deepens to fear as the house’s chilling past finally comes to light.

My thoughts

This is author R.S Pateman’s second novel which like his first novel has a supernatural feeling about it and is also told from a female perspective.

Told from Izzy’s point of view, we meet her and her mother Lindy as they are leaving one life in London to start afresh in the country, in the back of beyond! Initially Izzy comes across as a spoilt brat; one most teenagers will probably identify with and most parents will recognise the behaviour. As newcomers into the village which is filled with intrigue, superstition and underlying chilling secrets they begin to settle in to their new home but Izzy soon starts to realise all is not as it seems.

The tension is created from the setting, the weird goings on, Lindy’s refusal to believe the superstitions and to take Izzy’s concerns seriously so inevitably it’s leading up to devastating consequences.

As the story progresses I was a little perturbed by the relationship between Izzy and Howard – I questionned whether this would be a natural/normal type of friendship given their ages, although I couldn’t age  Howard specifically I considered him to be much older and wondered if this was acceptable or believable and it did cross my mind that this might lead to something untoward.

I liked the historical side to the story, Izzy and the research, it was all very well put together and felt very realistic. And, who knew there were so many superstitions!

Although I had my suspicions on what was actually happening and who or what was responsible, the ending totally came out of the blue for me, I constantly harp on in my reviews about books that have typical predictable endings but this was bloody great.

This book can be enjoyed by adults but at times I felt it may have been written with young adults more in mind. Nonetheless, it’s an easy read which I raced through in a couple of sittings – it was one of those books I wished I hadn’t read so quickly and would love to read again but you just can’t unknow the ending. Just one thing that I didn’t like and that was Lindy constantly calling Izzy ‘honey’ which I found a bit annoying.

I actually finished the book before I went to sleep and had a rough nights sleep that night, things kept playing on my mind which rarely, if ever, happens to me with books. It doesn’t help that my bed faces the chimney breast and I couldn’t remember which way my pillows should face! 🙂

Many thanks to Rob for sending me through an advance copy.

p.s Come back Monday as I have a really interesting interview with Rob and a super duper giveaway!

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