Anyone for tea & scones?

Following on from my first baking post where I baked a Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge, here’s my next attempt at a recipe from the Great British Bake Off Everyday baking book.

gbbo_fool_proof_recipesMy next recipe challenge was Very Berry Scones (page 106), again for book club this evening. I hope the book club ladies don’t mind being my guinea pigs.

Here are the ingredients:

250g self-raising flourIMG_0232
pinch of salt
60g caster sugar
50g unsalted butter
1 medium egg
100ml buttermilk
50g fresh raspberries
40g fresh blueberries


The recipe was quite easy to follow although not having made scones for oh about 20 years I’d forgotten what a messy job it is. First, you’ve got to rub the butter into the flour/salt/sugar mixture and then somehow get the berries folded into the mixture evenly, and turn out onto the worktop and pat out to about 3cm thick without squashing the raspberries. I have to say, this seems virtually impossible and I did end up with rather a sticky wet mess!


Chuck on more flour – all good!

However, I did manage to get them into some sort of scone shape and onto the baking tray!


Bit more rock bun than scone

They did take a little extra baking than the recommended 12-14 minutes in the recipe, but I guess that’s because they were quite wet with the squished raspberry juice to account for.

IMG_0244IMG_0245This is one case where they tasted 100% better than they looked! They were yum!

Here’s onto the next recipe 🙂


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