Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – L

LL is for Library

I’m lucky enough to live on the same street as my local library and because of this I’ve found I’m using the library more than I have in the last 20 odd years. I often go in for a browse or to pick up books I’ve reserved online.

Here’s my library:

Bridgnorth Library

Bridgnorth Library

The library offers various services including:

  • Tourist information centre
  • Computers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Local history material
  • Printing & photocopying
  • Library friends

Events & groups include:

  • Reading groups
  • Author events; most recently with James Hannah (author of The A to Z of You and Me)
  • Book Start Rhyme Time for babies & toddlers
  • Time to Listen – adult story time
  • Poetry sessions
  • Library knit & natter
  • Computer & tablet training sessions

Libraries are a great resource in the community that should be protected, whenever I’ve been in to collect books its always been busy. But they’ve found themselves a lot in the public eye just lately with the threat of reduction in services and government cuts etc. Only recently I saw a post on The Bookseller about Shropshire looking to make 16 of our libraries community run. I honestly don’t know if this is a good thing or will be a bad thing but I came across this blog post via Twitter and the author raised some very valuable points. Do read this blog The harsh truth about volunteers – it’s a very interesting take on the effects this could have to our libraries.

Libraries I’d like to visit soon – both having undergone a considerable makeover


Telford, Shropshire


Birmingham Library


  How often do you use your local library?

Post us pics of your library using #loveyourlibrary

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