Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – N

NN is for National Trust

The National Trust is an organisation in the UK that protects and preserves historical places for all to enjoy. These include historical houses and gardens to beaches and forests. Visitors are generally charged an entry fee which goes towards the upkeep of these fantastic properties; or they can purchase a membership which is great value for money.

I have an annual membership this year thanks to my mum who gave it to me for Christmas and so far I’ve visited 5 properties since they re-opened for the season in February. I’ve even got myself a visitor’s passport so I can log where I’ve been – geeky I know…

Visitors PassportI love National Trust properties and am really intrigued by these places. However, as much as I’m interested in what happened ‘above stairs’, I much prefer hearing the tales from ‘below stairs’; as this is definitely where I would have been had I born in these eras. One place that I visited some time ago – Berrington Hall near Leominster had an excellent guide who did a ‘below stairs’ tour of the kitchen, laundry and dairy. It was ever more fascinating as she led us around giving us descriptions of her daily tasks as though she were in that time; I would do this…it’s my job to do this etc. I do feel that these old houses are brought to life by the volunteers that have the passion and knowledge to be guides and gives us, the visitor, a much more valued and enjoyable experience.

Quite often the properties will have a second hand book shop (yay!), lovely gardens and walks, a gift shop and fabulous tea rooms with scrummy homemade cakes where you can reward yourself after the strenuous walk around the garden 🙂

Some highlights of the places I've visited

Some highlights of the places I’ve visited

Find a place to visit here

Can you recommend a property to visit?

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9 thoughts on “Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – N

  1. suesconsideredtrifles says:

    The most recent book I finished reading was bought at Acorn Bank’s second hand book shop (National Trust). It was by Alexander McCall Smith. I have blogged about both Acorn Bank and Alexander McCall Smith, but not this latest book. In fact the visit to Acorn Bank inspired me to start a new blog!. Sue

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  2. Helen Hollick says:

    Super post – we owe such a lot to the National Trust, and to the people who had the foresight to start it (Beatrix Potter was one of them, leaving much of her proprty in the Lake District to the NT.)

    I’m enjoying the A-Z – bit of a challenge some days isn’t it! I’m on

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