Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – U

UU is for Used Books

U is for used or second hand books – I’m a great fan of bargain hunting and seeing what deals I can pick up in charity shops; there are 6 in the town where I live and they’re always packed with books. It seems supply outstrips demand.

I volunteer in one of these charity shops and as a volunteer get first dibs on any of the donated books. I’ve picked up a few there recently including Us by David Nicholls, Wake by Anna Hope and Daughter by Jane Shemilt. I mean, lets face it you do get more for your money.

used booksHowever, I always feel a tiny bit guilty that I’ve not bought the copy new and supported the author directly but I like to give books a new home and then either pass it on to friends or re-donate. It is a form of recycling afterall.

But also consider antique books or books that are now out of circulation and that second hand books shops are keeping these books available for readers and collectors. Not everything can be bought digitally or on a Kindle.

Do you buy used books or always new?

atoz [2015] - BANNER - 910

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