Visiting ‘The Loveliest Place in the World’

Whilst visiting friends in Cornwall recently I decided to take the long way round home back to the M5 and visit Greenway; the holiday home of Agatha Christie near the village of Galmpton in Devon.

IMG_0849As it’s a smallish property compared to other National Trust sites, if arriving by car you’re required to book a car parking spot before your visit so I’d booked the 11:30am – 3pm slot, giving us plenty of time to travel from Launceston in Cornwall.


On our arrival the path leads you from the back of the house around to the front and the stunning views across the Dart river.

greenwayOnce inside the house visitors are given access to the Morning Room, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and of course the Library on the ground floor and Agatha’s bedroom, Fax Room and Sitting Room on the first floor.

inside greenwayIt didn’t take us long to wander around the house, some of the rooms are quite small and there were quite a few people visiting. My favourite room was the first floor Sitting Room; there were some very cleverly hidden drawers containing newspaper clippings and pill boxes (in above image) which were really quite lovely.

However, it did feel as though it could have been anyone’s home with a few books and photos strategically placed and I was expecting to see more of “this book was written here etc”.

Lunch in the Barn cafe wasn’t cheap but it was all freshly prepared and with good sized portions I didn’t mind paying that bit extra. My mum had the cream tea which was £5.95 for 2 scones, jam, cream and pot of tea. I do have a love for the proper working teapots that the National Trust supply; ones that don’t spill your tea everywhere 🙂


Yummy Devon Cream Tea

There’s a lovely gift shop shop selling a vast array of Agatha’s books and gifts alongside the usual range. Here’s what I treated myself to:


After lunch we followed the path down to the boat house and the plunge pool which was a lovely walk but steep and uneven in places. The boat house is in a stunning position and was apparently the setting for Dead Man’s Folly.

boat houseThere was a very friendly informative volunteer in the boat house who gave us some info ref Agatha’s writing at Greenway. She told us that of course she wrote here and that there are letters in Exeter University from Agatha to her agent advising working on edits, although for some reason the National Trust would have you believe that she didn’t write here, this I don’t understand.

We even managed a couple of games of croquet on the side lawn, where a very helpful volunteer went and got us a new set for us to play with which was great fun. All in all, a lovely few hours spent in the Devon countryside; a must visit for all Agatha fans.

Find out more on Greenway here

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