How do you like yours?

bannerfans_16252651How do you feel when you get to the end of the book? Satisfied, frustrated, content, disheartened, disappointed, happy…a book can stir a variety of emotions in readers; with each reader gaining a different experience.

Not long ago I read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. At the back of the book is a selection of discussion questions. This is the question that influenced my post today:

“I prefer proper endings” Do you? Or would you rather have some things left to your imagination?

Personally, I prefer a proper ending. I don’t mind speculating about the happy ever afters but the main plot lines and loose ends must be tied up. I don’t like wondering about how certain characters end up or what happened to x, y and z – I like the story to be properly finished.

A book that specfically jumps to mind that I’ve read this year is The Miniaturist – although I enjoyed the book there were too many unanswered questions after it had finished. Compare this with The Thirteenth Tale in which the author had gone to great lengths to ensure the reader wasn’t left with any unanswered questions regarding the plot.

How do you like your endings?

One thought on “How do you like yours?

  1. shazjera says:

    I actually don’t mind if we don’t know everything and I’m left to make up my own mind about what happens next or what happens for certain characters Lindsay.

    Guess it’s a bit like movies when they finish on a cliff hanger and you just know it’s being left for a possible sequel …

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