Blogging; things I often wonder about…

Image: Hope Heart Home

Image: Hope Heart Home










I’ve had these thoughts and thought I’d pop them in a post and see if I’m not alone in the things that occupy my head; some are questions that can be answered, others I guess are more rhetorical … these may seem a little narcissistic but are meant with the best of intentions and lets face it, we can’t control what we think about πŸ™‚

How many times should I share my post via social media?

How many is too many?

If no one favourites or retweets my tweet, does that mean no one read it or even saw it?

How long can I realistically keep this up for?

How do so many other bloggers have time to read and blog as much as they do? Do they have jobs too?

Where do other bloggers get there ideas from?

Why didn’t I think of that blog post idea?

Do you read all the blog posts of the bloggers you follow? Or do you select the ones that interest you?

Do you check out your stats and think you’re wasting your time? Can I do better?

Will anyone read this post?…..

Does anyone else question their blogging ability and efforts?

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