Book Review: A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

A Redbird Christmas What’s it about?

Oswald T. Campbell, aged fifty-two, down-and-out in a Chicago winter, is given only months to live unless he moves South… He finds himself in the small town of Lost River, Alabama, where the residents are friendly if feud-prone and eccentric to a fault.

One of them, Roy, keeps a red cardinal, a once wounded bird called Jack. Patsy, a sad, sweet little kid with a crippled leg, from the trailer park up in the woods, takes to dropping by the store – and falls in love with Jack.


My thoughts

This was our book club choice for December and while I normally keep my book club reads till closer to the next meeting, I thought I should like to read this one over the Christmas holiday rather than mid-January.

It’s a sweet tale of small town America that has a modern day fairy tale feel to it; full of hope, compassion, and a general willingness to help others for no other reason than you can.

Very simply written but beautifully effective; the sentiment and emotion is conveyed perfectly without the use of long fancy over-descriptive words.

It’s not necessary to read at Christmas time as the story progesses over the year, it just happens to start and finish at Christmas.

If you liked The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend you’ll enjoy this book too.

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

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