Book Review: Binary Witness by Rosie Claverton

Binary WitnessWhat’s it about?

Police detectives rely on Amy Lane to track the digital debris of their most elusive criminals—when she’s not in the throes of a panic attack. After two students disappear in Cardiff, Amy uncovers photographic evidence that they’ve been murdered. From the safety of her computer, she looks through the city’s digital eyes to trace the steps of a killer.

Amy’s investigation requires footwork, however, and the agoraphobic genius can’t hack it alone. She turns to her newly-hired cleaner, ex-con Jason Carr. Jason is fascinated by both Amy and the work, and can’t refuse even when she sends him into situations that risk returning him to prison.

The killer strikes again and again, and Amy and Jason are the only investigators closing in on him. But Amy’s psyche is cracking under the strain, and Jason’s past is catching up with him. To stop the next murder, they must hold their unconventional partnership together at any cost.

My thoughts

I bought this book in 2014 after seeing a review on Tracey Book Lover’s blog and it has been sat on my Kindle since (like a lot of stuff). I was looking for something gritty to read over the Christmas break and opened this up to have a look, before I realised I was about a third of the way through.

From the opening chapter we’re straight into the action, no mincing about, which is great for a cat and mouse crime thriller.

I liked both Amy and Jason’s characters and their developing professional relationship; neither are what would you expect or typical of investigators.  I liked their characterisation and the unusual pairing of these two.

I only figured out who the killer was when I’d been practically spoon-fed all the clues, I should remember it’s always someone you’ve been made aware of somewhere and pick up on the clues but I never do, I was just too immersed in the story.

One thing I find interesting is police detectives using ‘outsider’ help, you know how Inspector Lestrade has Sherlock; I would be interest to know does this actually happen? Does anyone know?

An interesting partnership which makes for addictive reading and reminded me of the tv show CSI:Cyber. I had a small issue with a time discrepancy very early on the story but other than that I really enjoyed the first in this series and will definitely be reading more.

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