Book Review: The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern

The Marble CollectorWhat’s it about?

A forgotten childhood. A discovered life.

What if you only had one day to find out who you really were?
When Sabrina Boggs stumbles upon a mysterious collection of her father’s possessions, she discovers a truth where she never knew there was a lie. The familiar man she grew up with is suddenly a stranger to her.

An unexpected break in her monotonous daily routine leaves her just one day to unlock the secrets of the man she thought she knew. A day that unearths memories, stories and people she never knew existed. A day that changes her and those around her forever.

My thoughts

I’ve not read any Cecelia Ahern before and then I heard her being interviewed on the Radio 2 book club and I just had to buy this book. Have a Listen here and tell me this book doesn’t intrigue you 😉

Told as two points of view by Sabrina and her father Fergus and a with a dual time line this book could easily have been subtitled The Mystery of the Missing Marbles. Amongst her father’s belongings Sabrina finds a marble collection and an inventory, but the 2 most expensive collections are missing so she sets out to find them. Through her amateur sleuthing she discovers a lot more about her family history that she was ever aware of.

I really enjoyed the writing and the humour and how each chapter ended with a humorous or poignant quip. I particularly liked Fergus’s chapters about his childhood and growing up in Ireland where it was a very different time, when kids would play out from morning until dark. This had me fondly remembering my own school days of playing marbles on a drain cover in the playground in the 80s. I spent ages Googling one evening trying to find out the game we played and rules etc. Does anyone else remember doing this?

There’s some really beautiful marble descriptions that shows real depth of research. I loved how precious they were to Fergus but it’s very sad the sacrifices he makes to continue with his hobby. Not that I condone his behaviour but it was such a shame that he had to hide something he loved so much and never felt he could share his hobby with his family. I’m not quite sure I understood Sabrina’s over-reaction to what she discovered but I’m glad it was left as it was.

Oh and the cover is gorgeous. I love books that have the uncoated rough feeling jacket rather than the glossy shiny covers…so much more tactile.

Overall, a solid 4* read for me which I really enjoyed and will definitely read another Cecelia Ahern novel; I do actually have The Book of Tomorrow on my shelf. Anyone read this?

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern

  1. Clare Thomson says:

    Hello again! I’ve not read any Cecilia Ahern either and this certainly sounds like it could be a good start. I particularly like your comments on covers – book covers should be tactile as well as beautiful to look at. I think that there are a lot of us book lovers out there who can’t help stroking a new book, sniffing the pages…or is that just me?!

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