My month in books & bakes – May

my month in books & bakes

What’s happened in May?

On Friday I went to Waterstone’s in Birmingham for the Kate Summerscale event on her new book The Wicked Boy. I couldn’t help but buy a copy because it sounds fascinating. She gave us a real insight into the origination of the book and the immense amount of research writing a book like this takes.


The Wicked Boy blurb

Early in the morning of Monday 8 July 1895, thirteen-year-old Robert Coombes and his twelve-year-old brother Nattie set out from their small, yellow-brick terraced house in East London to watch a cricket match at Lord’s. Their father had gone to sea the previous Friday, the boys told their neighbours, and their mother was visiting her family in Liverpool. Over the next ten days Robert and Nattie spent extravagantly, pawning their parents’ valuables to fund trips to the theatre and the seaside. But as the sun beat down on the Coombes house, a strange smell began to emanate from the building.

When the police were finally called to investigate, the discovery they made sent the press into a frenzy of horror and alarm, and Robert and Nattie were swept up in a criminal trial that echoed the outrageous plots of the ‘penny dreadful’ novels that Robert loved to read.

In The Wicked Boy, Kate Summerscale has uncovered a fascinating true story of murder and morality – it is not just a meticulous examination of a shocking Victorian case, but also a compelling account of its aftermath, and of man’s capacity to overcome the past.

Books read: 5

(click the image to go to my review, if it’s available)

The Light Between OceansThe Swimming PoolJane Steelewhen he fellMy Husband's Wife




Books added to the TBR: 2

The Wicked BoyThe Murder at the Vicarage


Currently reading: Bite by Nick Louth

Favourite book for May:  Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

I baked: (click the images to have a look)

Raspberry Muffins

Raspberry Muffins

Mary's Religieuses

Mary’s Religieuses

Vanilla Sponge

Vanilla Sponge

Dorset Apple Cake

Dorset Apple Cake

Viennese Fingers

Viennese Fingers

What’s coming up in June?

  • Author / Blogger Meet Up in Birmingham on Saturday June 25th

Do share your news, bookish or other in the comments…. 🙂

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