What am I doing with my life? update


Image: Raggamuffin

Back in December I originally posted What am I doing with my life?…a moan, a rant, a complete off-load post about my job situation and how hard it is to change your career later in your life.

Well readers, I have good news! I have secured myself a new job as a legal secretary in a solicitor’s firm in the market town where I live.  I’m super happy about this; along with feeling scared, nervous and excited as it means moving from my current position where I’ve been for over nine years.

This is not without sacrifice on my behalf to have a go at the job I hope I’m going to love. I’ve had to take a cut in salary and to offset this I’ve decided to sell my car….my new job is less than 5 minutes walk away (I’m also insured to drive my daughter’s and mum’s car so will still have access to a car), but getting rid of fuel costs and monthly tax and insurance I should be ok!


The people, industry and day to day working environment – it very much feels like I’m leaving behind the security of my comfort blanket.

I’m currently working my notice period and then have a week’s holiday before I start my new position on July 18th. I need to keep telling myself this is a good thing….THIS IS A GOOD THING AND YOU CAN DO THIS!!! 🙂


42 thoughts on “What am I doing with my life? update

  1. Donna says:

    I am really excited for your new job! 😀 I wish you all the best, and I am sure you’ll be just great over there. It was a bold move to make this decision, so congratulations! You can definitely do it! xx

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  2. Claire | Art and Soul says:

    This is a super-good thing!! It’s going to be fantastic, I’m certain of it. It may be difficult at first, but that’ll be better than being so bored you want to jump out the window! 🙂

    Onwards and upwards 🙂 And just think of all the extra time you’ll have to read now that your commute is shorter! 😉


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  3. Shaz Goodwin (@shazjera) says:

    Wooohooo! Congratulations Lindsay. Getting rid of the blanket and making a bold move towards your dream is exactly what you needed to do (but you knew that of course). Concentrate on those positives while you’re waiting for change to happen. Hope you keep us up to date with how it goes! xx

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  4. badger72 says:

    You are going to be brilliant in your new job a real asset to the law firm. Yes change is scary but remember when you first walked into uni on the first day to start the law degree – that turned out to be fantastic!

    We need to arrange a night out when you are back from holiday xx

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