Summer Update


Hi everybody, hope you’re all enjoying your Summer!

By way of an update and apology I’m writing this post to update you with my lack of blog presence.

I started my new job 3 weeks ago and oh my it’s mentally exhausting! I’m so busy I don’t stop from the time I get in to the time I go home.  Sometimes I get to lunch and realise I’ve not finished the small glass of water that I had at 9am or even been to the loo!  I think I’m enjoying it, I’m finding it really hard going from a job where I knew everything inside out, and back to front to virtually knowing nothing! The whole learning process is somewhat overwhelming.

I’ve also taken on a social media business project with a friend which is taking a substantial amount of my spare time to get the project live.  This will limit my blogging time over the next 6-8 weeks initially but then I should be able to have regular blogging time back again.

My reading has also suffered over the past couple of months, a couple of my book group books have floored me in terms of interest and time.  I finally finished The Moonstone last week which took me 3 weeks to read! 3 WEEKS – this is unheard of!  So as a treat to myself I’ve abandoned all pre-planned review reads and picked up my go to fave…a Grisham and The Racketeer! 🙂

I’ve reviews to catch up on too and aim to post these on a Tuesday or Friday…fingers crossed.  If you’ve commented and I’ve not replied yet, if you’ve shared thank you, I do really appreciate the support.  Even my baking has had to take a back seat, it’s been ages since I baked something yummy.  And the Olympics are on too, and I love to watch the swimming, diving and the track events…not enough hours in the day are there!?

So please bear with me all in this unusually busy period, I will try to get round your blogs and see what you’re up to as often as I can and hopefully normal service will resume soon.

8 thoughts on “Summer Update

  1. shazjera says:

    Lovely to get an update Lindsay but life does have different priorities at different times doesn’t it – you’re energies need to be directed elsewhere. We understand that 😀 Take time for you too! Glad to hear everything is going well xx

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