Novice Baker – Going Forward

You may or may not have realised that my novice baker posts have slowed down of late, this is somewhat due to lack of baking audience (otherwise known as guinea pigs..sorry I mean eaters) but also because I started Weight Watchers on the 6th February.  This year I’m really committed to losing a considerable amount of weight (at the point of posting I’ve lost 11lbs in 4 weeks), obviously this means cutting out the rubbish, being more aware of what I’m eating and portion size and so cake has (mostly) had to go.

However, I’ve invested a lot of time in my Novice Baker posts to date and also money on some new equipment and I still have a cupboard full of baking necessities which need to be used up and honestly I don’t want to give up on a hobby I’ve come to enjoy this past couple of years.  So…how do I move forward?

I suppose the main thing is to cut back on the sugar and the fat so I’m going to need to find some recipes that are basically lower in these ingredients and and ultimately test if the substitutes can taste as good as the real thing.

Can the low calorie option (right) ever taste as good as the classic (left)?

So that’s gonna be my new challenge for this year, find some new recipes and see how they work out.  Unfortunately Weight Watchers don’t have a dedicated baking recipe book so I’ll need to find them from other sources.  They do though, have a handy app if you’re on the plan, so I’ll probably start there.  Hopefully, you’ll still find these baking posts interesting and entertaining.

If you have any recommendations or have tried making low fat or low sugar cakes, do let me know 🙂

25 thoughts on “Novice Baker – Going Forward

  1. chocolatepages says:

    I can imagine these posts will be popular, doesn’t everyone want cake or treats with less sugar and fat. Sounds great, I hope you find some thing delicious. Best of luck with your weight and big congrats on loosing so much so far.

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  2. chebandbecky says:

    Good luck with weight watchers. We use Muffins recipes that only use 1/4 cup (60 ml) of oil. They are close to cupcakes. A cup is 250 ml, so if you have a small measuring jug that will do for US recipes 🙂

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