Book Review: Spare Brides by Adele Parks

What’s it about?

The 1920s: a time of hope, promise – and parties. But not all the men came home, after The War.

Meet the spare brides.

Young, gorgeous – and unexpectedly alone.

Ava relishes the freedom of being single.
Sarah fears no one can replace her hero husband.
Beatrice finds it hard to shine, next to her dazzling friends.
And Lydia is married, rich, privileged: so isn’t she one of the lucky ones?

Then a chance encounter changes everything.

Angry, damaged and dangerously attractive, Edgar Trent is an irresistible temptation.

And the old rules no longer apply…

My thoughts

I felt this book had been sat on my bookshelf for far too long, I mean, it was published in 2014, and I was looking for something very different to my previous read.

The cover did have me at hello as I do like vintage stuff and the 20s to 40s – I think I was born into the wrong era!

Unfortunately that it where my love affair with this book ended.  I’ve read other Adele Parks books before and she does do friendships and relationships well, and these were no different.  The four main female characters are very close knit and given the time in which it was set there is that sense of camaraderie and that all women will stick together come hell or high water.  This I liked and cannot fault, the same with the returning soldiers and how their lives had been forever altered and not necessarily in a physical sense.  This makes for very heartfelt an empathetic reading (if that makes sense).  My problem with this book, and I appreciate that it is me, is that I couldn’t get on with the three of the four women.  I know that it’s of an age where this is what high society would have been like, but I just didn’t care for them one little bit and so really wasn’t bothered what happened to them in any way whatsoever.  One of them in particular, Lydia, who is pretty much star of the show, is just an over-entitled selfish whinge bag and I just had no time for her.

But I loved Beatrice, and I loved her for the faults she thought she had and how others perceived her, because she was over-the-hill at mid-twenties, not the perfect size 10, her nose a little too large, all ‘qualities’ that were stopping her from being married! I felt sorry for how she always felt on the outside and the rough deal she was dealt.  But she was interesting! She had a passion for her hobbies, her sketching! She still went on with her life despite being so unappealing (her portrayal) and was humorous with it!  I wanted more of Bea and less of hoity toity woe is me Lydia.

Overall an interesting read, a sort of social commentary of the time, but of the mid to higher societies – a lot of parties, and jaunts off to the weekend house in the country! Lah-dee-da! 😉

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Source: Purchased
No of pages: 440
Publisher: Headline

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