Book Review: Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre

What’s it about?

Sophie Duguet-young, successful, and happily married–thought at first she was becoming absentminded when she started misplacing her mail and forgetting where she’d parked her car the night before. But then, as her husband and colleagues pointed out with increasing frustration, she began forgetting things she’d said and done, too. And when she was detained by the police for shoplifting, a crime she didn’t remember committing, the confusion and blackouts that had begun to plague her took on a more sinister cast. Her marriage started to come apart at the seams.

Now Sophie is in much deeper water: the young boy she nannies is dead while in her care, a tragedy of which she has no memory. Afraid for her sanity and of what the police will do to her when the body is discovered, Sophie goes on the run, changing her identity and appearance to evade the law. Forced to lead a very different kind of life, one on the margins of society, Sophie wonders where everything went wrong.

Still, with a new name and a new life, she hopes that she’ll be able to put her demons to rest for good. It soon becomes clear, however, that the real nightmare has only just begun . . .

My thoughts

This was our latest book club.  We’d previously read Alex, by the same author, as a group read so we were all very pleased and excited to be reading another and it didn’t disappoint!

The first part of the book is told by Sophie, where we follow her on the run and everything she does to survive under the radar and hide her identity.  I had to persevere with it at the start as I really had no idea what was going on.  The second part goes onto Frantz, and it’s with his story more is unravelled and what is has to do with Sophie.  Part 3 is where it really gets interesting!!!  Neither of these characters are particularly likeable but the author still manages to make the story move at such a pace that you will keep reading!

There are some quite sexually orientated scenes which might not be your thing.  Whilst I was reading them, I just kept thinking my mum is reading this (she might actually be reading this, OMG, hi mum!!) which made me cringe! 😉

Whilst we all felt that 90% of the book was dark, twisted and cunning we all agreed that the ending felt rushed and very easy.  A bit of a shame after such an intense build-up.

I thought that the French to English translation was excellent.  There were certain phrases (I forget now though which) that made me wonder if the author had written them, or whether the translator had interpreted it that way for an English-speaking market.  Either way, it was great!

Any future novels by this author will instantly be added to my TBR!

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Source: Purchased
No of pages: 320
Publisher: MacLehose Press

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