Agatha Christie: Mysteries, Murder, Marple and More

You know how much I love an Agatha Christie don’t you!! So, as part of this year’s Wolverhampton Literary Festival, I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the launch of an Agatha Christie exhibition being held in the Central Library, Wolverhampton, which was the most perfect setting!

Upon arrival the tables were all set for our cream tea, we were even treated to proper tea pots and cups, which we weren’t expecting.  I hadn’t been able to sit with my friends that I’d gone with as there was a seating plan, this didn’t really matter, as I ended up sitting with a lovely bunch of ladies and we all had a really nice chat about books and more whilst enjoying our scones and jam. 

The launch was led by Gale Goddard, a Christie super-fan, who gave us a brief history of Agatha’s life, her interest and her collectables.  She goes all over the place sharing her passion, her knowledge and her extensive collection.

We were even treated to surprise visitors – detectives chasing a suspected murderer! 😉

I did ask Gale after the talk about her first editions and how much they go for.  Apparently the cost of a Christie first edition with dust jacket can go for anywhere between £10,000 and £20,000 – better carry on buying those lottery tickets!

This was such a lovely enjoyable afternoon and all for the bargain price of £2!  Roll on next year :)

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