Hello, I’m Lindsay and thank you for visiting my blog. I created this blog to share my opinions and thoughts on the world of books (or anything kind of book related which pops into my head).

I’m not into re-hashing what the book’s about, that’s the blurbs job so I’d just like to give a brief overview of the good or bad bits. I’m not a natural writer and sometimes my commas etc may be in the wrong place but the main thing is to get my feelings of the book across.

I am predominantly a book blog but I also like to dip into my other interests which include baking and visiting National Trust properties.

Thanks for visiting 🙂

Oh…and I lurrrvvvve a latte!

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Jack Steele says:

    Hi Lindsay, just read your review of Captain Correlies Mandolin as well as the wonderful island of Kefalonia. I managed to read the book before visiting but I was equally impressed with the setting and the story. I wasn’t sure about Nicholas Cage being cast as the Captain in the movie but it did manage to convey the locals dislike and distrust of the army. Love your blog.

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