My first knitting project

So back in March I decided I was going to re-visit knitting as a new hobby: you can read about that here!  Not long after that first post I started my first major project in over twenty-five years and chose a scarf as a nice easy starter.  Well, not so long ago I finished it!

It’s not perfect but I’m proud of my achievement, the skills that I’ve refreshed and the new ones I’ve learned.

This was my first attempt at casting on, and after trying to decipher the instructions in the Ultimate Knitting Bible I have, I had to resort to YouTube for the best way to do it.  The stitches in the first image aren’t particularly tight and are very loose.  I also found my first stitch on the needle to be always exceptionally loose.  I don’t know of a way around this – is there, when using larger needles?

After knitting approximately half of the scarf and being 2 balls in I realised I’d made a mistake with the pattern and decided to start again.  It wouldn’t have made much difference to the finished scarf but I wanted to do it properly.

I also had the benefit, the second time around, of my aunt to be able to show me how to cast on using the thumb method.  This was so much easier and made the stitches so much neater and tighter.  It’s all very well having a book or video tutorial but there’s nothing better than having someone, who’s been knitting for years, sat next to you teaching you how to do it.  If you have older generations in your family, make the most of them!!

My second attempt was much better, and as I managed to follow the pattern properly as well, it all went to plan.  But then I had to teach myself to cast off.  I knew how to reduce stitches so this was easier for me than casting on.

But again…I found it easier to accompany this book with a video demonstration.  Sometimes I think it’s better to actually see something being done to understand the process.

Pleased as punch with my new scarf!


To be fair though, the scarf is about a foot too long for me, it does wrap around a few times!  If I’d have put some extra thought into it I could have finished it off earlier rather than sticking to the pattern religiously – this was just like when I first started baking.  I’d always stick to the recipe 100% rather than putting my own spin on things but with practice….

I used a Hobbycraft knitting pattern which was free when you register and log in.  On to my next project, a hot water bottle cover, which is still very much at beginner level but will also be useful for next winter!

Have you started knitting or any new crafty hobbies recently? How’re they working out for you?

Starting a new hobby – knitting!

Since seeing Sam’s Off Topic Thursday (on a Tuesday): Knitting I’d been thinking about getting back into knitting and trying a new-ish hobby that wouldn’t involve me eating something I’d baked and piling back on the pounds I’ve lost.

I have very fond memories of spending summers with my Gran with her teaching me to knit and guiding me through patterns.  I never quite grasped being able to cast on or off so she (or my mum) would have to do this for me.  I have distinct recollections of knitting a pink and grey dungarees set for a baby girl I used to babysit for when I was about 13 (different times!) and knitted cakes!!! Now we’re talking!!! Cakes, knitted cakes, no calories…..

My strongest memory of the cakes is a knitted Battenburg cake which looked something like these, it’s a shame really as I have no idea what happened to them.

I remember finishing 2 types of knitted cake and am pretty sure the other one was a Swiss Roll, but look, these are still actually a thing >>

My favourite is the doughnut!

So when my daughter asked me if there was anything I’d like in particular for Mother’s Day, I was like YES, a beginner’s knitting kit 🙂

And so, this is what I was very kindly given by my lovely daughter which I’m going to get started with this afternoon and I AM going to teach myself to cast on with the use of this book (and possibly YouTube) and make a scarf.  Watch this space!

Do you knit?

Or have you taken up a new hobby? How’s that working out for you?