Visiting Sense & Sensibility

I have a different type of post for you today, upon setting out it wasn’t book related but it did eventually turn out to be. Please…read on…

On a rare mid-week random day off my daughter and I decided to make full use of our National Trust membership and visit 2 properties local-ish to us. I love all things National Trust, poking around other people’s lives, homes and work places and they always make me feel sentimental to the past; kind of nostalgic and like I was born in the wrong era. All very Miss Marple but I probably would have been more ‘below stairs’ than above.

The first place we visited was Croft Castle and Parkland in Herefordshire.


Outside Croft Castle

This isn’t one of the larger places I’ve visited and it didn’t take us long to go around the castle itself (don’t go expecting a castle of say Warwick’s proportions, it’s more a large manor house with towers!).


In the library, of course…

After a quick game of bagatelle in the salon, some dressing up in the children’s play room and a quick walk around the perimeter followed by a sandwich in the courtyard garden we made our way onto the next property.

Berrington Hall is less than 10 minutes away and so far, is one of my favourite trust properties. Upon arrival I was really pleased to find out they had a display of the costumes used in BBC drama adaptations of Sense & Sensibility. Hands up here, I’ve not read the original but in an attempt at redemption I have read the updated re-vamped version by Joanna Trollope (I’ve not even seen the TV versions or movie).

IMG_0184The above left dress is Billie Piper’s costume from Mansfield Park and was my favourite costume of the exhibition

The above right is one of Anne Hathaway’s costumes from Becoming Jane

IMG_0193Above – Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson’s costumes from Sense & Sensibilty

IMG_0181Above – Costumes for Dominic Cooper, Charity Wakefield & David Morrisey – Sense & Sensibility

IMG_0195Kate Winslet’s and Greg Wise’s costumes from Sense & Sensibility

If you are in the area or live close by and are a fan of Jane Austen then it’s a lovely exhibition to see.

There are also guided tours available and I do really recommend the ‘below stairs’ tour. I think that these places are really brought to life by their volunteers and their guides and is no exception here. They also have a second-hand bookshop and do pretty good cake!