Review Policy

**PLEASE NOTE: I’m not accepting new review requests at the moment, until I’ve cleared my backlog**

Thank you for taking an interest in Bookboodle; here’s some info on my reviewing process:

If you pitch your book to me and I’m interested I’ll get back to you asap and we can work out a schedule which suits us both.

I can’t promise to like your book but will do my best to be fair. I do appreciate the time and effort it takes; likewise I do this for free and do not receive monetary compensation for the review.

Best to check if your book will suit by checking out my blog and my preferred genres:

Favourite Genres

Murder mysteries
Legal thrillers
Crime fiction (though not overly graphic)

I don’t read


I’m open to accepting print copies as well digital; please note I have a Kindle Paperwhite so a .mobi file is preferable.

As standard, I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon and Bookbridgr.

Once read, print copies are usually shared amongst family, friends and other bloggers, or donated to charity. E-copies are deleted.

If you’d like to contact me regarding book reviews, blog tours or guest posts please use the form below. I do try to reply to every request but please bear in mind, I do work full time and this is an unpaid hobby and sometimes life just gets in the way!



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