If We Were Having Coffee…

If We Were Having Coffee is a meme I’ve seen floating around for a while and believe it should be credited to Awesome Life but I reconnected with it recently via Becky!

I’m going to try and use it each month as a way to wrap up my month.  So grab your drink of choice and I’ll fill you in on where I’ve been!





If We Were Having Coffee I’d say how busy October has been for me, partly as it’s my birthday month, but also because I’ve been out and about meeting more people in real life than online! More to come..

If We Were Having Coffee I’d probably tell you that I’ve somewhat fallen out of love with writing book reviews and am finding the whole blogging thing a chore.  I have, however, read 5 books and listened to an audio book.

If We Were Having Coffee I’d let you know that I’ve started my own Meetup group.  Our first meeting of the Bridgnorth Book Swap, Coffee and Chat met on Saturday October 6th with 5 attendees.  I came away with some new books and hopefully new bookish friends to be!  If you’re not familiar with Meetup – check it out here.

If We Were Having Coffee I’d tell you all about the book folding workshop I went to at my local library as part of Libraries Week.  I’m now working on my fourth book and am hoping to sell them on Etsy.

If We Were Having Coffee I’d tell you all about my 24 hours in Liverpool, visiting the Terracotta Warriors exhibition and the Central Library (where I spotted Savidge Reads but was too chicken to say hello).

If We Were Having Coffee I’d say I’ve taken up belly dancing classes again and am loving it despite the aching hip and knee afterwards.  I’ve been to classes before but not for at least 6 years!

If We Were Having Coffee I’d tell you what a brilliant evening I had participating in a Sherlock Holmes themed Xscape Room!  This was the first Meetup that I’d attended organised by someone else.

If We Were Having Coffee I’d show you my crochet progress.  I’m really pleased with my granny squares, they’re not perfect but I don’t care.  I’ve learnt a new skill and am now working on a scarf for Christmas.

If We Were Having Coffee what would you tell me?