Chatting about book sequels

With the latest news that there’s to be a sequel to The Time Traveller’s Wife, here’s a post on book sequels; be it good or bad…let’s talk sequels!

As book lovers, and especially if we’ve absolutely adored a book what’s better than getting another installment? Imagine the pressure the author must be under to produce another book of the same or better quality…especially if the first was a huge success! But then as a reader, we go through all sorts of emotions. We loved the first book, have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the next book and we love it, left wanting more or we don’t like it or we’re disappointed. Imagine if J.K Rowling had written Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and it had bombed!

I’ve not read that many series of books really; in fact hardly any considering how many there are. Here’s the ones I’ve read or have on the shelf:

Twilight seriesNow, I picked Twilight up in the airport a couple of months after the movie had come out and loved it! Couldn’t wait to get back from my holiday to read the next one.

Although I enjoyed the movie adaptations I felt the books were far better.


50 Shades of Grey

Ok, ok the writing is atrocious but let’s face it most of us loved it and probably read it to see what all the fuss was about. I enjoyed the first book, looked forward to reading the second, but actually was just bored by all the sex! The third rounded it all off nicely but I didn’t think it was that believable and Grey would be able to change….only in fiction!

Did you ever read all the books in the series even though you didn’t love it…because you had to finish them?


The Hunger GamesThese books, I’m ashamed to say have been on my TBR pile for over 2 years and I haven’t read them yet!! I’ve only seen the first movie adaptation but expect that the books are better. Anyone agree/disagree?


A Time to KillSycamore RowOne of the most awaited sequels ever…well in my world anyway! John Grisham is my most favourite author and us fans had to wait over 20 years for the sequel.

I did enjoy this book, you can read my review here but it was no near as powerful as the first.


The Rosie EffectOne sequel that I am really looking forward to which is released in September is The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion. The follow up to The Rosie Project.

I read The Rosie Project as part of book club and loved it. It’s a very refreshing and different read.


  What sequels are you looking forward to the most or wish had been written but never happened?