If We Were Having Coffee…

If We Were Having Coffee is a meme I’ve seen floating around for a while and believe it should be credited to Awesome Life but I reconnected with it recently via Becky!

I’m going to try and use it each month as a way to wrap up my month.  So grab your drink of choice and I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been up to during November!





If We Were Having Coffee I’d say I’d only managed to read 3 books this month which is probably a new low record for me.  And 2/3 were not great reads for me which is probably why I only managed 3.  Because of this, I’ve gone to one of my comfort zones and am reading Agatha Christie’s Sparkling Cyanide, which is one of my fave TV adaptations but I’ve never read it!

If We Were Having Coffee I’d tell you about my visit to the Old Market Hall in Shrewsbury to watch The Little Stranger.  I’d read the book with my book group and had just managed to finish it in time to watch the movie.  I enjoyed both, for different reasons, but the movie was quite different to the book.


If We Were Having Coffee I’d bore you to death with my videos and photos from the Mumford and Sons gig I recently went too.  This was my birthday present from my daughter and they were bloody awesome.







If We Were Having Coffee I’d tell you what a laugh my belly dancing classes are.  Seriously, I think I’ve nailed the moves and then the music starts and I can’t tell my left from my right 😉  Having said that, I’ve bought a ticket for a Hafla (belly dance party) in February, I can perform in the group dance if I want……erm time to think about that one!


If We Were Having Coffee I’d tell you all about Sarah Millican’s Control Enthusiast show I went to this week.  My god, she was filthy but hilarious! I could then show you my badges that they were giving away at the end of the show.




If We Were Having Coffee I’d let you know that my Meetup group meets again tomorrow, which will be our third meeting.  Nothing better than a Saturday morning in a coffee shop, with lots of books and bookish people – check it out here.

If We Were Having Coffee what would you tell me?

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