Book Review: Cut Short by Leigh Russell

Cut ShortWhat’s it about?

When DI Geraldine Steel relocates to the quiet rural town of Woolsmarsh, she expects to find her new home to be somewhere where nothing much ever happens; a space where she can battle her demons in private.

But when she finds herself pitted against a twisted killer preying on local young women she quickly discovers how wrong she is…



My thoughts

I met Leigh last month at the Blogger / Author meet up in London where she asked if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing one of her books.  Published in 2009 I chose the first in her DI Geraldine Steel mysteries Cut Short.

From the cover I assumed it would be a lot darker than my usual type of crime read, and I’m pleased to report that it was right up my street and wasn’t overly graphic in the details of the killings.  I don’t really like to read anything more horrific than say if I’m watching an episode of CSI or Silent Witness.

I read the book in under 48 hours which is pretty fast for me.  With short chapters that move at a good pace it makes for a relatively quick read.

I initially liked Geraldine’s character but I didn’t like her constant drinking in the evenings in replacement of a decent meal.  I would like to see a female taking the lead in a perceived male orientated career,  succeed and not be a total mess behind the scenes.  I was asking why she couldn’t be successful in her worklife as well as home….anyway maybe that’ll come later in the series…I hope so!

I also liked that we have chapters from the points of view of prospective and intended victims, as a reader you’re aware of what could happen and you’re praying for them that they just don’t take that turn……

I had a small issue with knowing who the killer was from the start; meaning the book is the reader following the detective through the investigation.  I do think I’m one of those readers that likes to try and have a go at picking out clues, figuring it out and at least have a stab at who the killer may be.

Overall, I enjoyed this and would like to read more of this series to a) see how Leigh has developed as an author and b) to see how Geraldine progresses and find out if she ever puts her DCI in her place!

This book reminded me of Normal by Graeme Cameron and The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza so if you liked these, maybe try Cut Short as your next read.

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